About Us

The Story Behind Of Our Movement

PETMAT z.ú. was founded by Kateřina Nováková and Šimon Prokop in 2016 in order to support the research of the plastic problem of the world. The NGO is supported by CTU Prague, private organizations and volunteers. Public awareness projects as well as innovative recycling solutions of plastic into filament for 3D printers are being developed together with the support of education system in implementation of the the newly developed strategies into teaching. Today, PETMAT focuses on research and innovation projects in implementing recycled and reused plastic into daily life. 

Our Key Priorities

Research, education, knowledge, responsibility and patience should be the motor for solving the plastic problem on the world. PET is genious 

Reusing plastic material

Plastic is an invention, which helps us living. We treat it as precious material and reserach its recycling in architecture and design.

Saving planet

We believe, that we can help saving our environment by recycling our own waste into new products. 

Effective recycle

We cooperate with local producents of recycled material. We aim at minimising the carbon footprint. 

We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

We regularly take part on public events and share knowledge about recycling and sorting garbage among the nation. We go out with our reserach, show the processes and results of our work. We motivate public to be socially responsible about treating their plastic waste.And we love to give everyone the opportunity to take part in all the processes: research, design and production.


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Our Team

Our team consists of the director, his assistant and the team members. 

Students are welcome to join our team at any time, we collaborate with our mother university: The Faculty of Architecture CTU Prague. We accept intershippers from schools from abroad: Thesaloniki, Greece, Angers, France, Istambul, Turkey and others. 

Kateřina Nováková

Founder PETMAT

Jiří Vele

Programming Engineer and architect

Jiří loves robots and machines. He also loves mushrooms. 

‭+420 732 734 301

Šimon Prokop

Rhino grasshopper expert

Šimon loves mathematics, programming and Music or vice versa?

+420 732 309‬‬‬ 45

Pavel Sýs


Pavel became a designer for 3D printing technology and a 3D printing specialist.

‭+420 775076040

Ondřej Cigáník

designer and architect

Ondřej designs fancy objects. thinks all the solutions through twice in order to be perfect. 

+420‭724 923 444‬

Adam Chotěbor

Programming Engineer and architect

Adam likes preciseness and takes care of the quality of the projects.

‭+420 739 649 593‬

Lucia Cypriánová

Rhino grasshopper expert

Lucia is the best designer ever. Her ideas are brillant.

‭+420 702 035 757‬

Jan Jedlička

electrical engineer

Jan takes care of the smart lighting of the installations. He propgramms arduino.

‭+420 ‭725 574 684‬

Karel Šeps

civil engineer

Karel takes care of stress testing and experiments in the lab. 

‭+420 606 241 660‬

Anna Seimlová


Anička likes fancy indoor PET bottle installations and lecturing. 

‭+420 ‭725 574 684‬

Corentin Va Bien


Corentin is an extern vicecolleague who follows our work thoroughly.

‭+420 606 241 660‬